What is OkPay?

OkPay is the aggregator of payment methods providing trade decisions for your business and the personal purposes.

What requirements to the website are?

      Your website / project has to contain standard refund policy with the indication of rules of granting goods and services. Other points which interest us and have to be registered (these points are useful also to you in order to avoid problems with your clients):

  • Whether you offer returns and during what time?
  • Whether you offer replacement of goods/service and during what time?
  • Rules of providing service, contacts for resolution of disputes;
  • The rule of resolution of disputes when the buyer can / cannot challenge providing service.

Where or how it is possible to see the payment page from the buyer?

      You can generate an invoice in a private office, send yourself to mail (or just to use the created reference) and thus to look how the account for payment looks for the buyer.

In what advantage of the OkPay service?

      The payment OkPay aggregator allows any clients quickly to be connected, begin to sell goods and services online, easily and conveniently to accept payments in any country of the world.

Main advantages of OkPay:

  • Fast verification (within 1 business day);
  • Readiness to work with small business;
  • Lack of a binding to the country of residence of the client. Cooperation is possible with residents of any country (except the countries under sanctions);
  • The commissions for processing of payments and a conclusion of money are lower than market.

By means of the uniform universal interface we do work with payments by the most comfortable

      An opportunity to accept payments in any of 195 countries of the world (excepting territories, being under sanctions - in particular, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Cuba);

Work with the main payment tools:

  • Internet banking;
  • Bank transfer;
  • E-wallets (alternative methods of payment);
  • Local cards;
  • Advance payment;
  • Mobile payments;
  • International cards;
  • Cash.

- Work with a large number (more than 150) popular international payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, UnionPay, Alipay, Webmoney, QIWI;
- Work with 280 fiatny currencies of the world;
- Consolidation of money in one office and the subsequent conclusion through one system to any country, on any card and in any currency;
- A possibility of a currency exchange in real time;
- Work with invoices - a possibility of acceptance of payments without the website, having sent the reference.

What data are necessary for registration?

      For registration in the payment OkPay aggregator:
      - Visit the website okpay.co, press to Begin now / to Enter---> Registration
      - Enter your e-mail and the password which will be used at an entrance.
      - You can get acquainted with service use conditions, having clicked on the link Conditions and agreements.
      - Establish a mark that you agree with service use conditions.
      - Press the I Am Not the Robot button, and then the "Create the New Account" button.
      - On E-mail specified by you within 1-2 minutes the letter will come with the confirming reference. Follow this link for an odtverzhdeniye e-mail addresses.
      - We congratulate! You were successfully registered on our platform!

Whether I need to create the account for each of payment providers of your list?

      No, everything that it is necessary for you - it is to create and to verify the account in our system.

We want to connect online store to OkPay. What for this purpose is necessary?

      Process of connection to OkPay is very simple and consists of only 3 steps:
      - Registration of online store on the partner website OkPay;
      - Approval of online store by the manager and security service of OkPay;
      - Setting up protocol of data exchange.

What is the time will occupy connection?

      After registration, you need to verify the account and, thus having submitted the application for its verification. Usually processing and verification of the account takes documents up to 1 working day. As soon as your project is verified, you receive public and confidential the keys which are required for integration process.

Whether it is possible to reduce time of blocking of means (hold)?

      At productive cooperation time of blocking (hold) and the commissions can be reduced. We are glad to development of business of our clients.

Whether it is possible to remove the account? What to happen to my personal data and data of my clients whether they will be completely removed?

      It is possible. If you cancel the account, your personal data will be removed. Nevertheless, pay attention that there are some exceptions from "the right to be forgotten". For example, speaking about our services, we have to be informed who participates in transactions, for prevention of money laundering and criminal activity. Tracking of transaction is also necessary for an opportunity to give help in case of emergence of any problem. Some legal obligations do not allow us to delete a part of your data immediately. These obligations follow from the accounting and tax law, the legislation on bank activity and fight against washing money, and also laws on the rights of consumers.

May I connect OkPay to two websites of my company?

      You can connect so many websites how many it is necessary.

Whether it is possible to pay goods or service by means of OkPay purse?

      No, as OkPay is not payment service provider.

How to receive the check after payment through OkPay?

      We do not issue checks about payment as we are the aggregator of payment service providers. You can create or request the check about payment, having used payment service provider through which payment was made.

How to receive the check after payment through OkPay?

      According to our privacy policy, the employees only authorized have access to personal information of the client. Such employees undertake to observe strictly confidentiality and to prevent unauthorized access for the third parties to personal information and other data of the client. When the user / client on the basis of the EU / the EEA gets goods / service through our website, we will be their handler of data and the controller in compliance with GDPR.

In what countries your service is available and in what currencies you work?

      No matter, where there are our clients. Cooperation is possible with residents of any country (except the countries which are under sanctions).